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Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Health Services?

Any currently enrolled student.

UNO's part time and full time faculty or staff member.

What services are offered?

Scheduled MD/APRN visits by providers from an area hospital Emergency Room and Gynecology & Family Practice.

  • Minor illness diagnosis and treatment
  • Minor injury assessment/treatment referral
  • Health screening/routine lab tests
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings
  • Vaccinations for flu and pneumonia
  • Nutrition screening and consultation
  • Diabetes management
  • Weight management counseling and treatment oversight
  • Administration of prescribed allergy shots
  • Vaccinations and support for international travel
  • Required immunizations
  • Over-the-counter medications to help get through the day

Does it cost if you are a student?

The doctor visit is free. There is a minimal fee for lab work or supplies used in a procedure.

Does it cost if you are faculty/staff?

There is a fee for service rate at UNO and in the community that is usually more cost effective. These services are paid for at the time of service and are not put through your health insurance.

Can I use my Health Insurance to pay for services?

Yes, starting June 1, 2011 Health Services will gladly assist you in using your insurance from the following companies: Nebraska Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS). United Health Care (UHC), Aetna, Midlands Choice, and Coventry.

What are the hours Health Services is open?

The hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM.

How do I make an appointment?

An appointment can be made by calling Health Services at 402-554-2374. The hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Specialty service schedules will be posted on the Health Services website or call for more information.

How can I find my on-campus Health Services?

Health Services is located on the first floor of the Health Physical Education & Recreation (HPER) Building. Please see our home page for a map to the building.

Our address is:

6001 Dodge Street
HPER 1st Floor
Omaha, Ne 68112

Phone: 402-554-2374

Fax: 402-554-2387

Where can patients go for health care on weekends and after hours?

If you are experiencing a serious emergency such as difficulty breathing or bleeding that will not stop please go to the nearest hospital. The hospital closest to UNO is Methodist at 84th and Dodge or Nebraska Medical Center at 42nd and Emily. The closest walk-in clinic is Midwest minor Medical located at 8610 West Dodge Road. No appointment is necessary. They are open from 8 AM until 9 PM seven days per week. They will take either personal payment or insurance.

If you have seen a doctor at UNO and require urgent attention please follow the instructions you were given during your visit. Patients who have seen Dr. Walsh and require urgent attention can reach an OrthoWest physician by calling: 402-637-0800. If you saw a family medicine doctor at UNO you can reach their answering center by calling: 402-778-5490.

Does Health Services write notes when students miss class?

Health Services does not write notes for students who miss class. Health Services is in the business of helping students be able to attend class. If a student has a hospital stay or other serious event, please contact the Health Services office for further directions on how to proceed at 402-554-2374.

What are the University's health requirements?

All students are required to bring proof of two MMR shots. This must be done before the student can register for classes. All Residence Hall students are encouraged to be immunized against meningitis. If they are not immunized, they must sign a declination form. All "F" and "J" visa students at UNO must be tested for tuberculosis. UNO does not accept x-rays done out of the United States.

How does an insurance company know if a student drops a class and is no longer a full time student?

The full-time status of a student for insurance purposes is determined by the individual’s insurance company and employer, not the University. The number of credit hours differs among companies. When a student uses the community health care system, a communication is made to the University by the insurance company to verify the student status of the patient making the claim.

Does the University offer a health insurance plan for students?

Yes. UNO offers a reasonably priced accident and illness plan, not a wellness plan. To qualify, an undergraduate student needs to be enrolled in a minimum of seven-credit hours for the fall and spring semesters. A graduate student may be enrolled in a class (no credit limit).

The insurance does not pay for pre-existing conditions until the student has been on the plan for one year. If there is a student with a chronic disease such as asthma or diabetes, a person might want to put that student on the student plan the year before they come off of the employer-based plan to have the pre-existing condition benefit coverage.

What are the perceived benefits of having an On-Site Health Care Clinic?

The advantages of offering services to faculty and staff include:

  • Improved access and convenience
  • Reduction of lost work time and improved employee productivity Improved health outcomes both individual and aggregate
  • Promotion of wellness including importance of screening and prevention services
  • Increased employee retention, recruitment and morale

Will my visit and information to UNO Health Services be kept confidential?

Your medical information will be kept confidential.

If you are a student, your teachers and advisors will not be told anything about your visit. 

If you are faculty/staff, your department and supervisor will not be told anything about your visit. The only exception to this is if the visit was the result of a worker’s compensation injury.

Do I need to have a Campus Recreation membership to utilize this service?

No, you do not need to have a Campus Recreation membership card to access Health Services.

Who will be providing the services for the Clinic?

Appointments are scheduled with an MD or APRN from the disciplines of Emergency Medicine, Gynecology, Orthopedics and Family Practice. Some treatments such as breathing treatments will be provided by nurses from Health Services. Contract Physicians and APRN’s are competitively selected by the Health Services Administrative Leadership team.

I still want to retain my primary care physician; will I still be able to do that?

You may request that Health Services send a copy of the services provided and the results of your appointment to your primary care physician. After signing a release of information form, Health Services can coordinate the care that you receive at UNO with your primary care physician. Health Services is not intended to replace your primary care physician.

Will student fees be used to cover the cost of the services offered to faculty/staff?

No, student fees will not be used to cover the cost of the services offered to faculty and staff at the Clinic. The Clinic will be operated without any new funding from the University and will be self-sufficient, utilizing existing insurance benefits from faculty and staff.

Can my spouse or children be seen by the UNO providers?

No, the services are set up for UNO students, faculty and staff. Your child would need to be a UNO student or employee to use the services.

If I have a concern or a complaint about the quality of the services, who do I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns about the services that you received, you may contact the Director of Health Services, Marcia Adler at 402-554-2743.